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We are a small specialty coffee company run by a duo of serving army and nhs staff 

Our business is based in south-west london and our coffee is eco-roasted in dorset


we donate part of our sales to project waterfall, the charity of choice for the coffee industry

stay caffeinated

water, water, everywhere

3% of all sales go to Project Waterfall, the charity of choice for the coffee industry, working to bring clean water to coffee-growing communities.

Traditional English Village
We are linked up with a Dorset-based roastery sourcing coffee through transparent supply chains: from family farms, cooperatives, producers’ organisations and small agricultural communities.

When we select the specialty coffees we offer, the focus is also on providing traceable single origins as a sustainable approach to supporting and developing long-term relationships with farmers.


Eco-Roast Coffee 

All of the coffee we offer is roasted using leftover coffee grounds in the UK. This closed-loop system means collecting used coffee grounds and turning them into coffee logs to fuel the Eco Roaster, diverting a valuable resource from landfill and putting it to good use for the benefit of all. Better coffee, less waste. 

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