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  • What does 'specialty coffee' mean?
    All of the coffees in our selection are known as Specialty Coffee, which is a better quality of coffee. Specialty coffee is usually rated SCA (Speciality Coffee Association)/Cupping score 80+ out of 100, which means we can offer you the perfect tasty fuel to keep you going throughout the day. Often specialty coffee brands use a much more ethical approach to sourcing their coffee beans than other coffee brands, they tend to encorporate a more direct approach with the farmers enabling them to be paid better.
  • What is V60 and Aeropress?
    They are both methods of brewing coffee/brewers using a paper filter; V60 is a drip method of brewing where hot water is poured over coffee grounds in a paper cone like filter and drips through to your cup. Aeropress is another brewer perfect for those on the go wanting the best coffee wherever they are. It is brewed through a cylinder-like plastic tube using a paper filter where hot water gets pressed through the coffee grounds and filter using a hand plunger, brewing the coffee, via the air in the cylinder. Avery popular brewer, even with its own brewing championships.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Not just yet, we are working through this at the moment and are constantly evolving to grow Camberley Coffee Club, so stay tuned!
  • Can I order larger amounts of coffee?
    Absolutely! You can order wholesale through us via our wholesale page and please get in touch with us to see what we can arrange for you. We usually set our wholesale minimum quantity at 5kg of coffee but if you are setting up a smaller event, like a charity coffee morning, please get in touch and we will try to work something out for you.
  • Can I request a different roast profile for my coffee?
    While we use the recommended roast profile for all of our coffee options, we understand everyone hasa different tastes, and some coffees in particular may work with more than one roast type, and may even have different flavours if the roast is changed. If you decide you'd prefer a different roast for your beans, email us at or DM us @camberleycoffeeclub to set this up in advance to placing an order, and we can get in touch with you to provide more info, and let the roastery know.
  • What delivery service do you use?
    All of our Coffee is posted to you via Royal Mail, standard delivery is 2-5 days, while express is 1 working day. We use other couriers for merch, so delivery times for these items can vary.
  • How should I store my coffee?
    To preserve your beans' fresh roasted flavor as long as possible, it is best to store your coffee in an opaque, air-tight container at room temperature. in a dry place without moisture.
  • How long will my coffee stay fresh? Is there a best-before date?
    Freshly roasted beans can last for 2-3 Months once opened, however, for the best quality taste possible we recommend having it within a Month. Unopened vacuum-packed bags of whole roasted coffee beans or grounds have a shelf-life of around six months. We don't use best-before dates and instead we use the date the coffee was roasted so you know exactly how fresh your coffee is.
  • What decaffeination process do you use for decaf coffee?
    All of the Decaf coffees that we select have gone through the Swiss Water decaffeination process which uses water to remove caffeine and no harmful chemicals, so you can rest assured that you can stay decaffeinated without the worry.
  • Are your coffees Arabica or Robusta beans?
    We always stock 100% single origin Arabica coffee as we believe it is of the best quality, and tends to have a smoother, sweeter taste in comparison to Robusta coffee.
  • What if I don't enjoy my coffee?
    If you find there is an issue with the coffee you ordered or it's not to your liking, please get in touch so we can sort out the problem or offer you an alternative that will suit your taste better to keep you fuelled when you need it most.
  • Can I do something with my used coffee grounds?
    If you have a composting bin at home, make sure you empty your used coffee grounds into it - this will add lots of fertilising nitrogen into your compost. Roses, azaleas, carrots, radishes, hydrangeas, and cabbages are a few plants that like used coffee grounds, as they grow best in acidic soil. You can sprinkle grounds thinly onto your soil. Check out some more uses for your used coffee grounds here. The bags we use for our coffee are also made from recyclable materials.
  • Are the bags my coffee comes in recyclable?
    Our bags are made from a mixture of materials which are recyclable on their own, so you may have to separate the components accordingly for recycling. Our bags consist of the following: Paper, which you can recycle Aluminium lining, which is recyclable by your local council. The one-way valve which helps keep your beans or grounds fresh in the bag is made of VMPET, which means metalized PET, which serves as a light and oxygen barrier. This is recyclable and collected by 92% of councils and recycled PET can be used new food packaging or fabrics. Further, if you have a composting system at home, make sure you empty any remaining coffee grounds into it - the worms will love you all the more!
  • Do delivery times for merch differ?
    As our merch is made to order at a different site than the roastery, delivery times are longer than when you order coffee, and your merch will arrive seperately. Delivery times are around one and a half weeks to two weeks, although if you are experiencing delays longer than this please get in touch so we can check on this for you.
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