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Clean Water Coffee


The Mission

We started our coffee journey as an idea for a workplace coffee club, a chance to have a brew and chat about something other than work. We went on to buy a small roaster and started roasting our own selection of specialty coffee for friends and family. Now we've expanded our horizons to establishing our very own coffee company based around ethically sourced, high-quality specialty coffees.


Each purchase you make isn't just a drop in the ocean. By teaming up with the charity Project Waterfall, we pledge 3% of sales, always, to charity initiatives bringing clean water, sanitation and education to coffee-growing communities. 

Read more about Project Waterfall in our blog.

Project Waterfall

With an ethos based around the very thing we all use to make our brew, Project Waterfall aims to find sustainable solutions within communities facing water crises and give back to the countries that grow the coffee drink.

Within the past ten years, they have funded clean water initiatives in Nicaragua, Tanzania, Rwanda, Vietnam, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia, and acheived change for around 70,000 people so far.


Check out their website here.

Donate directly here.

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